Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy weekend

We have moved my mother into an Assisted Living facility near our home. I hope she will come to like this place. It is a beautiful place with an attentive and caring staff. We have moved her bed, chair, tv and brought her one of her ceramic Christmas Trees. Her room is warm and cozy. They posted her memory box outside her door over the weekend too. I gave them pictures of her holding one of our baby ducks (from this spring) and other pictures of our farm and her dog. She loves it!

I stopped by the local Farm Bureau office and registered with them. We are now an official member of the Ohio Farm Bureau.

I have baked a few more cookies. We have baked star cookies (Thanks Allison and Austin) and with Emily's expertise Pecan Tassies. This morning I made some stained glass cookies. I LOVE cookies! The theme for my story times for this week...Cookies! (For those of you who are unaware, I'm a children's librarian in a public library). Before we started baking, everyone selected the apron of their own choosing and we rolled up our sleeves and the proceeded to create some masterpieces.

The girls finished hanging the ornaments on our tree and our tree is a lovely expression of the family and the season.

Critter wise... I had to change all of the water buckets as the water was all frozen. We've had a cold snap come through and I decided that it was finally time to "plug it in"! Dogs, Alpacas and Chickens all have heated water dishes/buckets. I also re-installed the warming light in the chicken coop to keep my girls (and rooster) warm and happy. The dogs got extra bedding too.

Until next time....

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