Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Maple tree beginning to change colorsI love Dad's windmill
Bees are a buzzin'!
Hickory (Dickory) Trees!
Allison's 1st Place prize on her spinning! We are soooo proud.

Friday, October 8, 2010

List of things to do.

My list of things to do seems to get longer and longer and longer...
The weekend begins tonight with a home football game and working the concession stand for the band. Meanwhile my swim team moms will be selling pompoms at the game for the swim team fundraiser! See my multitasking abilities?

Tomorrow I need to take the car for some TLC... so off to the garage at 8am! Then I need to stop by the feed store to get some chicken feed, bedding, straw and maybe a mum plant or two or three! ;)

Next off to the AWESOMETOWN event at the Austintown Township Park. Allison is performing with the Fitch Pep Band to kick off the festivities at 11am. Then she needs to work the robotics booth for FALCOTECH #3193 team from the High School.

Where is Emily, you ask? She will be holding down the couch again as she has been home sick for 3 days. She doesn't have strep... thank goodness! But she is run down and achey... so she is on forced R&R!

Now... what I would like to do later in the day is to get some apples to make applesauce and buy some local pears to make some canned pears. (hmmm... I think I can...I think I can....)

Sunday is my turn to "read" in church and Emily's turn to Acolyte. She also has to go to her confirmation classes.

Now... somewhere in that restful(?) weekend I'll have to retrieve my car from the maintenance garage, visit my mother in physical therapy rehab, and clean my house.

I think I need a plan to get the house clean though. We are expecting some visitors for Thanksgiving and we need to do a thorough cleaning. Time to start list making!

Time now to ask your forgiveness in my rambling post. Hope your weekend is pleasant and sunny!

Living the Frugal Life: Potatoes in Buckets 2.0 (Finally!)

Living the Frugal Life: Potatoes in Buckets 2.0 (Finally!) Something to try next year!!!... Oh dear... where did I put all those plastic buckets???

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms
I just put Shiitake Mushroom growing on my wish list.... now I'm off to find some hardwood trees! Oh, honey, can you bring your chain saw on a walk with me??? LOL! ;)