Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family Time - Making bee hive boxes!

On my wish list is a desire to keep bees. My birthday present last year (2009) was two beehives. (I like to get two of one isn't so lonely---And it worked for Noah!) So in October I made my pilgrimage to Blue Sky Bee Supply in Hiram, Ohio. The owner was friendly and knowledgeable. She gave me loads of information, some of which I jotted down and most of which overwhelmed me. Next time I think I'll take a video recorder and play it back when I need it. So now it is January 2010. I have a stack of wood that promises to be two beehive stands.

See I am somewhat intelligent... it's starting to look like a bee hive box. I think the technical term is...super.

"So Mom... what's with all the hammering.... oooo... can I help?" Please note, we are assembling these in my kitchen. It is about 9 degrees outside and our garage isn't its project time on the kitchen floor!

Dad jumps in and makes one too!

Allison and I finished our Supers first.

So then she says she needs to spin some more... I have three huge boxes of Alpaca fiber that need to disappear! Keep spinning honey.

Next, we assembled the "frames". That's those things hanging in the boxes. This is what the bees hang on to. This is where they make the babies, honey and a new queen if they need one. These frames are empty right now. We will wait for the glue to dry then insert the form. There is a form that looks like honeycomb that gets inserted into each and every frame.

That is all for today. We still have 20 more frames to assemble, the hive boxes to paint (to help it through the weather)and the honeycomb forms to insert into the frames.
Until next time....
Here is a quick photo (taken out of our window) of the wild turkeys that have been visiting us this week. We have about a dozen that check out our bird feeder. I have to buy more corn for them. They were walking away before I could get a decent picture. (The other half were already on the other side of the fence.)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ok -- Cupcake!

I was lurking on other blogs this week and found a cute cupcake potholder. I said I think I can make something like that. So this is my attempt. squint real hard. Do you see the cupcake now? The only thing I would do differently next time I make this potholder is use bias tape and a pattern!
I assembled this item using my own creativity and an old Oriental Trading catalog. Time for a glass of Merlot! Good evening all.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One thing done....

One thing on my "list of things to do" is completed! I finished putting the rest of the non adhesive contact paper in my pantry. Call this "pantry therapy". I feel like I have accomplished something. In completing this project I sort of talked to my self a bit and took a non scientific inventory of the pantry contents.
First, I find some canned soups for when a teen gets sick...for there is something comforting about that red and white Campbell's soup label. As for me... let me start with some broth and egg noodles and cut up some chicken.
Second, my canned goods. You will find three types of jam/jelly. (Grape and Black Raspberry Jelly and Strawberry jam). Ok.. on the list for next year, Elderberry jelly and Peach Jam....oh yeah. (note to self: need a clone). Also on the shelf - tomato based canned items such as salsa, spaghetti sauce and tomatoes...straight up! And next,(drum roll) this year, we added sauerkraut. We tried the sauerkraut for the first time over the holidays. WOW! Outstanding. I don't know if it is the early cabbage I used or the stars were aligned, but I can't go back to the store stuff again. I'm doomed! My husband was so comfortable with our attempt...he gave a few jars to the neighbor. And the neighbor loved it too!
There are also some canned beets on the shelf. I forgot how much I like pickled beets. I like them so much that there is only one jar left! It's January! There is only one jar of beets left! Arguuuhhh. Ok... 2010 list of things to do...plant more beets...make MORE pickled beets.
Wish list time....canned green beans. Why can't I can green beans? I follow the directions and still they don't process shouldn't eat fuzzy green beans!
This green bean dilemma has led me to another thought... I'll have to contact my extension office and hope they have classes to help the green bean challenged.
Well, I must go ponder some more projects and maybe even complete one! *smile*
Until next time...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. May everyone have a healthy and happy 2010!
No Blue Moon for us last night... we received rain instead!