Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Wow, I realized that I haven't blogged since August. What happened to September?

Today I made pumpkin bread. YUM!

September found me canning: (left to right) pickled beets, roasted red pepper spread and red root relish!

AND Jalapeno Jelly, Tomato Jelly and pickled Jalapenos!

I am earnestly working on our pantry this past season. I am quite proud of our efforts this year. I still hope to can pears and cranberries. We have some winter pears in the yard and I need to beat the deer to them! The cranberries should arrive when Jim returns from his hunting trip to Wisconsin. These will both be new to me to can. I can't wait.

I also want to make pumpkin rolls. I haven't had time in recent years to attempt this project.

Also, our lovely young ladies attended the Austintown Fitch Homecoming festivities with their friends!

Kevin, Allison and Katie

Alexis, Emily, Jamie and Alyssa