Thursday, April 30, 2009


We have become enamoured with our ducks! They are so expressive! We enjoy their antics. I hope they will continue to amuse us as they mature. Hopefully they won't get too aggressive with us. Emily can't wait to get a kiddie pool for them this summer.

We have moved our homeless chicks and ducks to their residence. We had them in separate cardboard boxes when they arrived at the farm. Yesterday I ran an electrical cord to the chicken coop and arranged their warming lamp to keep them warm. They snuggled down nicely and both the chicks and ducks survived nicely in their new abode. The ducks will be moved to their pen when their feathers finish growing in and we secure their area a little more.

In the photos below we show our beautiful tulips, the ducks and a Rose Breasted Grosbeak that has migrated back to our "neck of the woods".

Farm Photos