Monday, September 28, 2009

Our weekend

My family and friends are wonderful. After raining the previous day, night and part of the morning the skies cleared up and we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of friends and food. It is wonderful to welcome people to our farm, to show them our animals and our comfy home. The adults grazed on our ripe red raspberries and concord grapes. They picked a few tomatoes that still remain and received some farm fresh eggs in the deal. The children 'ran' with the alpacas--the alpacas needed the exercise as they are well fed and they petted the chickens, even the elusive rooster. Even though I stress over a clean home and close off many doors to areas not receiving my thorough attention our Sunday afternoon was terrific.

I also visited briefly with my dear friend before our little farm/wienie roast. She is undergoing a battle and needs our prayers. Just send up a healing/thinking of you prayer for my friend Tiffany a wonderful person ---that a bad thing is happening to. She is battling a stage 4 cancer and doing wonderfully.

Fall is in the air, the leaves are changing, our schedule is hectic with volleyball and football games. And there isn't anything else I would like to do or anywhere else I'd rather be.

I hope to post some photos this week.
Until then....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Allison's Confirmation

Today was Allison's Confirmation. It's a strange time of year for this unique celebration, but none the less, an important milestone for her. I had an emotional time today. My little girl is turning into a beautiful young lady...too fast! Allison read her statement of faith. It was a beautiful expression of her faith journey. The Church provided refreshments after the service. We then went to visit with grandma after the service. Grandma felt bad that she couldn't be there but enjoyed our visit and appreciated the extra effort we took to include her. God Bless you Allison.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dyeing Day- 2009

This past Saturday, the East Ohio Handweavers Guild held their dyeing day at the Skyline Diner. We dyed our roving, batting, fabric and of course t-shirts!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Jim and Ursula
Sammy... Aunt Janet's Horsie
Our Rooster
Isn't he handsome?
A hen.
Some ladies.
Peek a boo...Sebastian
Another lady
We let the chickens out for a little while tonight to scratch around. They loved it. They even followed me around for a bit as I checked the gates and fence. therapy! I feel better now. I hope you do to.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Vacation week...what a blur.

I took a week's vacation to spend with my daughters. This year however, the school system started school before Labor Day because the holiday was late this year. They went to school on Monday. Monday was also the Austintown Fitch Band Night. So Jim and I worked the concession stand, watched 5 area high school bands along with the YSU Marching Band AFTER we watched Emily in her first Volleyball game.
Day two, I removed the girls from school to submit their entries to the fair. The school permitted them an educational absence as long as I submitted a copy of their Canfield Fair entry form. I just love paperwork *sarcasm*. Then we visited with Grandma for a short while. Emily attended Volleyball practice and Allison had to report to school to catch the bus for a neighboring school's band night. Dad and I picked up Emily and Allison's friend, Lauryn, and headed off to Canfield High School for another band night.
Wednesday, the girls went back to school. I managed to squeeze in canning the sauerkraut. You should have smelled my house! *whew* This was my first attempt, we hoped it worked as it should. Only time will tell. Emily had an away volleyball game and arrived late. I guess the first week of school is crazy for the transportation office as the whole busing thing was askew.
Thursday was a waiver day for the school and found us at the Canfield Fair! Yeah! Emily had to report to the church Apple Dumpling stand to volunteer as this is a part of her Confirmation service project for our church. Allison arrived with the marching band, marched around the track and performed at the grandstand. They sound wonderful. I received many comments from people throughout the day about how well they sounded. Then I dashed off to the Columbiana-Mahoning County Beekeepers Association stand. We sold honey sticks, honey, and beeswax. Our stand also had a display of a glass enclosed honeybee hive. I was also educated on Ohio issue #2. This issue is to establish a Livestock Care Standards Board. This board will establish a well rounded representation of veterinarians, farmers, animal advocates to ensure that Ohioans have a healthy food supply. So this fall ....Vote YES on issue #2. After Emily and I served our time and Allison roamed the was off to take Emily to her volleyball practice. Allison came home with me to take care of the animals and collect eggs. Dad came home and we were off to get Emily and return to the fair for supper. We checked out all the displays, and made plans for next year.
Friday again no school and we were winding down. Emily was off to practice and Allison slept in. I picked up the flowers from the band fundraiser and received 6 red roses. What fun this is. Let me explain. The band sold for $25 a card from the local florist. On this card you can go into the flower shop once a month for a year and receive a bouquet of flowers. The bouquet varies every month and September started with 6 red roses. I bought a card for my mom too. So I took her 6 red roses on Saturday... and she loved it. This is a great value for $25 and a great way to support a local small business.Friday night was another home game and found Dad and I in concession stand #2 again.
Saturday, Emily went to practice and I was slowing down. Allison slept in again. We went back out to the fair for a couple hours. I got to visit with Grandma everyday except Thursday. We ate dinner at home! It was the first time we sat down for dinner all week... and did we enjoy that.
Sunday, I took Rikki to see Grandma. She loved it. I think Rikki enjoyed it too. We started some farm chores, cleaning out the little decorative pond for the winter, removing some plants, cleaning out the shed and other farm chores(poo pick up).
Monday, Emily off to practice, house cleaning was also on tap for the day. Tomorrow back to my routine of work, getting the girls to practices, and visiting mom.
I think I can clearly state that I need a vacation from my vacation.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Object d'art ala Charlotte'

I hope you all get the Charlotte's Web reference. This is what greeted me this morning. The fence was lined with these magnificent pieces of art. I ran out of memory card or I would have taken a dozen more photos. Enjoy.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Canfield Fair

Our Canfield Fair winning entries: All notations are under the photos.

Emily's winning basket--3rd Place.

Sheila's winning basket - 1st place.

Button Art - Emily's Frame and Sheila's Tree (1st place)

Sheila's Origami - 2nd place.

Allison's Duct Tape Mini Skirt- Honorable Mention

Allison's pillow... top right (Black and White)..1st Place!

Emily's pillow 2nd Place

Emily's Blanket - 1st Place!

Emily's beaded bracelet - 3rd place.
Allison's macrame' bracelet - 1st place
Emily's scrapbook page - 3rd place.

Sheila's Apron - 3rd Place.

Allison's homespun yarn... green skein... 2nd Place! Wooo Hooo!

Allison's Wool homespun varigated skein...2nd Place! (She entered her spinning into the adult categories...impressive girl)

Sheila's blueberry muffins - 2nd place. Thank you Judy, for awesome blueberries!
Emily's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies - 2nd place.
Emily's awesome Apple Pie.... 1st Place! I Love It!
Emily's banana bread 3rd place.
Emily's Zucchini Bread.... 1st place....(I didn't sabbatoge her this year...ask her about that)

Allison's award winning Decorated Cake - 1st Place. Think you'll challenge the Ace of Cakes guy someday?