Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Fall!

Fall is my favorite time of year. This past weekend the girls and I, along with their friends went to a corn maze. We had a great time deciphering the map,finding some clues to the game and of course, eating french fries and ice cream!

Then on Sunday, I made some Sausage and Sauerkraut, German Potato Salad and Apple Cake! I'm definitely in my autumnal mode.

I'm hoping to start a craft/sew group with my daughters and their friends on Sundays as our time permits. First up....tied blankies. We'll see how it goes.

Until next time.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Wow, I can't believe I haven't updated since shearing day! Where did my summer go? The bookmobile was busy this summer as were our daughters. We planted a garden, however my darling husband will have to "kick it up a notch" for next year. Our tomatoes didn't do so well. I harvested enough to make a couple batches of salsa, but that was about it. I canned dill pickles, kosher dill pickles (I know, I know), bread and butter pickles, pickled beets(red, striped and gold)dilled green beans, canned peaches and am looking forward to the fall harvest. I would like to put up some applesauce and can some pears.

Apiary update: our purchased bees from North Carolina did not survive. Now we have two swarms in our hives... one we adopted on Father's Day and another adopted on the 4th of July. We have been nurturing them, feeding them and now we are preparing them for the winter to come. They have been pollinating the goldenrod and ragweed and the front of the hives have a yellow deposit on them from where the bees land to get into the hive. It is rather fascinating to watch this.

Alpaca update: They survived the shearing, and this past weekend was PEDICURE weekend. We harnessed, led, cajoled, and yes, wrangled our Alpacas to clip their nails. They haven't looked our way since! LOL!

Chicken update: We now have 10 ladies left. The rooster was attacking Allison and Emily so.... Soup time for you! One lady never returned after we let them out one evening. There you go... circle of life and all that. We continue to get 8 to 9 eggs a day. Our plan is to purchase more chicks this spring and begin again.

Canfield Fair update:
Emily and I didn't enter many categories this year. Allison entered a few more.
Emily entered Pecan Tassies and won 1st place. And she entered her basket we made in our weaving guild and placed 3rd.
Allison's spinning won 1st place this year! We were thrilled. This is our own Alpaca fiber that she dyed herself, then spun herself. (Sounds like the LITTLE RED HEN huh?) She did a wonderful job! She decorated a cake that looks like the Tartis on Dr. Who and won 3rd place. And she also took third place on her woven basket.
My snickerdoodles won 1st place as did my Elderberry jelly. My pickled beets took 2nd place. All in all it was a good year.

Allison and Emily update:
These two are keeping us so busy I don't have time to post here! They both swam for the Firestone Area Swim Team this summer. Meanwhile, Allison was practicing daily for the Flagline for the awesome Austintown Fitch Marching Band. The band participated in 3 band nights (one was our own) the Canfield Fair, the Carnation parade in Alliance, Ohio and of course... all our football games.
Now we are also into volleyball season. Emily earned a place on the 8th grade red team this year. Most nights we aren't home until after 8pm!