Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring is.... Springing!

I found the "chick" feeders. They come in purple and green. I don't really need both, but what the heck, I'll decide which to use tomorrow. I like to keep my options open.

Remember that spring garden I planted a while back? Well, here it is. Looks like a box of mud with little sprigs in it. Some onions, peas and lettuce made it. I will most likely replant the rest.

The chickens sooooo want the land to dry out a bit. Their yard is mud, mud, mud.

And the Alpacas? This is their.... "I'm ignoring you" pose. This is the one they favor by the way. You see, they ignore me all the time. Unless, of course, it's feeding time! :)

Apricot Tree... I think. Since it has never born any fruit, I can't say for sure.

Apple - planted last year. Looks good

Pear tree minus the Partridge (smile).

Cherry Tree - This tree is host to our bird feeders!

Magnolia - notice the browse line. The browse line is created by some lovely creatures we share the planet with. The white tail deer nibble on everything they can reach. When this tree blossoms... you can quite clearly see the part they like to munch on! (When is deer season in again?)