Saturday, July 25, 2009

Part Deux (sp?)

Just updated last weeks entry and realized another week has flown by. Soccer wrapped up and only one more meet for summer swim plus the championships next Saturday...with Swim banquet next Sunday!

With the weather cooler and wetter than normal, I haven't had much opportunity to weed the gardens. And Jim has to mow between rain bursts! It is quite challenging this year. I have pulled everything out from where the peas were growing and Jim wants to place golden raspberries there for next year.
A friend from work passed some strawberry plants to us and we want to find a good home for them. However, Jim thinks their home should be the lettuce bed. I hate to waste all that lettuce! I've been harvesting as much as I can and donating it to just about everyone. The zucchini is coming in at a good pace. And we just got2 peppers this week. However, the #@**#@! deer decided they wanted my beet and bean plants more than I! When does deer season come in?
The pumpkin patch must fight with the tall grass that grew up in the patch since I couldn't weed. They seem to be doing well... only time will tell. As for Grandma's sunflower garden, we have tall stalks but no flowers yet.
On the crafting side, I've been busy making our dresses for the banquet, an apron (sort of got sidetracked) and some rolled honey comb candles.
Need to go get my kitchen cleaned to make some pickled beets and contact Lehmans about a crock with lid for our sauerkraut.
Until next time.

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