Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday, Sunday....

Well, we let the ducks out of the chicken coop for a while today. They like to follow Allison and Emily around the farm. It is too cute to see the girls being followed by two little ducks! *smile*

Dad and I were sitting on the back patio resting between weeding and mowing and discussed how the grass was getting high in the chicken run. So I said why don't we move an Alpaca into the run for a while and let them 'em at it. So that is what we did. As a family we rounded up the Alpacas and put the halter on the young one...because Dad messed up the halter for the older one. (Don't take me there). Now this boy resists being led. Oh Yeah! He wasn't going to budge. He got so ticked he started spitting!!! After some extensive prodding we got him into the chicken run. He was still upset, so we all just walked away to give him time to cool down. And cool down he did, especially when he figured out there was all this grass... just for him! He enjoyed his time in the chicken run. I wonder if we'll have a problem next time we decide to use him as a mower?
This Friday is the big day. We will be having our first shearing day after work. We can't wait, but I'm sure the Alpacas will think otherwise.

As far as the gardening is concerned, we have been weeding the hugest dandelions we have ever seen. Maybe we'll have to turn ourselves into a dandelion farm! *wink* Our lettuce bed is prospering, however our peas didn't fair as well. We think they may have gotten frozen. So we replanted them today.

Grandma has a little flower garden next to her deck. We thought it would be cool to turn this into a SUNFLOWER garden this year. I bought some seeds this weekend and will plant according to the Farmer's Almanac. I'm learning my lesson about planting. It seems as though their (Farmer's Almanc) magic works the best.

More farm news later!

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