Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cupcake liners

Yesterday, I made some cupcakes for the Robotics team as it was my turn to take dinner to the kids. I dusted off my "filled cupcake" recipe and it was a hit. I'll post the recipe soon. I was looking for my cupcake liners and found that my cupboard was getting bare. I sorted through my hodgepodge of liners only to find that I had a plethora of fall themed liners. So I decided to use the familiar pastel cupcake liners ... you know the kind in pale pink, yellow and blue. Since my family couldn't eat the cupcakes I set aside for the team I decided to make another batch. I needed more liners. So I stopped at my local Walmart store to pick some up. I found "designer" cupcake liners... from Wilton. But where are by "Baker's" brand liners? After searching the internet and I discovered that Reynold's is now the manufacturer of the pastel cupcake liner. However, they don't have any in stock...neither does! No offense to Wilton and other designer brand cupcake liner manufacturers, but I only need my pastel liners. Let me know if you see these "old fashioned" liners around town.

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